Not Just a Website, a Client Generation Machine.


More than just good looks, websites that deliver ROI.

Building a website that produces tangible results for your law firm or legal practice is a science as much it is an art. At the end of the day, what good is a website that doesn’t make you any money? Creating a good looking website that also converts visitors into clients doesn’t happen by accident.

As an attorney, people already have an impression in their mind of what they expect to see. You are held in high regard, because you offer help and expertise for some of life’s most difficult problems. Does your website reflect this image of you immediately to prospective clients? If it doesn’t, you are 100% losing business. The internet has given consumers a massive pool from which they can choose products and services from. If you aren’t putting your best foot forward online, they will simply click the next link in line until they find what it is they feel warrants the next step (usually a phone call). Your website is very much like the suit you wear, or the business card you hand to someone. It should reflect professionalism and convey competence in the mind of potential clients, and it should do so instantly.


“Not only did the team at Lead Lawyer build me a really good looking website, but the marketing campaign took off almost immediately, bringing in multiple new clients weekly.”

Michael LarsenLead Lawyer Client

The Four Pillars of Good Website Design

Target Audience

We use the target audience’s needs to design a website based on what they’re looking for.

Simple Design

We create clean, professional websites that are aesthetically pleasing and simple to understand and navigate.

Build Trust

Websites should present to a potential client that your law firm is trustworthy, professional and the best choice to solve their legal problem.

Create Action

Use action words and get potential clients to reach out to you. Click to call buttons and contact forms should be easy to find and use.

Importance of Website Branding

We Don’t Just Build Websites

We Enhance Brands.

Your website is a direct reflection of your business and your brand. In today’s marketing world, it’s critical that it convey an image of credibility and professionalism to your prospective clients. Your website can literally create or destroy your credibility in the eyes of a prospective customer or client in an instant.

Having a consistent and professional brand conveys a sense of trust in your website and in turn your company. By implementing strong branding practices, your website will have a much higher conversion rate.


Simple, Responsive Design

Mobile Search Is Accounting For More Than 50% Of ALL Searches Currently

Google’s recent search algorithm update for mobile means that in the long term, “mobile friendly” websites will take priority and will be displayed in their search results. Currently those websites have already begun getting priority (appearing higher up on page one).

Bottom line, more and more people are visiting websites from their mobile phone and this trend will continue into the foreseeable future. If you want to convert prospective clients searching on Google into paying clients, you absolutely must have a mobile optimized website.